Make it a Marlow Christmas
Marlow Buisness Festival Transparent Whi

Christmas Scavenger Hunt


Bring the family. Bring the dog.

And join us on a tour of the sights of Marlow, collecting treasure and answering puzzles as you go


A unique way to explore

The Marlow Business Festival is not all about formality. Its also about family fun. And if you fancy something a little different at the end of March, why not bring all of them - dog included - to our afternoon hunting treasure.


The out-and-back loop of the Town will take you round all the main sights of Marlow, but also some of its hidden gems. And our series of cryptic clues and challenges will help you involve everyone, young and old, in searching, collecting and solving puzzles. 

And for the adults, we have a supplementary, local knowledge quiz that comes with its own prize.

What to expect

We will meet at Liston Hall, in the Garden Room, from 2.00 for a 2.30 start. There you will be given:


  • your route map

  • a set of questions to be answered on that route

  • a set of 'creative' challenges 

  • a list of items to collect

  • an anagram game and

  • (on request) the Marlow history quiz


When everyone is organised, we'll offer you a final good luck, run a countdown to the start - and then send you on your way. 

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Prizes await

We are, of course, offering prizes for the highest score - and a couple of spot prizes for creativity. But do be aware, some of the points will be at the discretion of our panel of judges. So do try to make them smile..! 😉 


In terms of timing, the loop should take about 90 mins to complete. We are offering no bonus points for speed - but there may be penalties if you and your papers are not handed back to us by 4.30pm that same afternoon. 

The results will then be formalised overnight - and Prizes will be given out at our Awards & Closing Party on the Sunday afternoon. At a BBQ hosted by Marlow Sports Club on Pound Lane.

Register your Place

Taking part is free. But we do need to make sure we know how many are coming along. To join in, therefore, please register your details on our event page (with Eventbrite). To get a ticket that will confirm your involvement. And some contact details in case you have any questions.

We look forward to an amazing afternoon!