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Showing the Value of Membership

Celebrate's transformation is just one of the many examples of members working together to create something truly amazing.

Despite all the technology we now have to hand, the secret to modern marketing is still more powerful to meet people in the flesh and hear their story, than reading news feeds or status updates.

Which is exactly how the transformation of Celebrations Party Shop in Marlow began. When you join the Chamber, you are encouraged to use an early meeting to provide a short presentation on your business, specifically how it can help other members do business better. Aimee Smith learnt about branding thanks to an introductory message from Richard Collins of Ecobrand.

Keen to see how it might work for her own business, Aimee commissioned a Brand Vision Report from Ecobrand. The result of which was a comprehensive and invaluable insight into her competitors, the balloon and party market place and established brand positioning. This also included some ideas for key messaging, evolution of the name, values and  creative next steps.

The immediate result was a name change to ‘Celebrate Balloons'. Ecobrand then designed a new look logo, brand guidelines and website. From this Aimee was able to totally rebrand the look and feel of her shop and have van livery produced.

This has helped Aimee establish Celebrate Balloons as a potential national brand and allow her business to grow.

"It has been an absolute joy working with Celebrate Balloons, And making a real impact on their future.
"Without the Marlow Chamber, our businesses would have never met. It provided the perfect opportunity to meet and build a relationship that has massively benefited both of us."
Richard Collins, EcoBrand

“Finding out about Richard’s services - and being inspired by what they could do for my business - was only made possible through my membership of the Chamber.
"Having the chance to chat directly with him about it over a period of time felt less pressured than making an enquiry directly with a company that I had no idea about.”
Aimee Smith, Celebrate Balloons

Aimee launched the Celebrate Balloons brand and newly evolved business to the world at a wonderfully attended event in February 2019.

Benefits of Chamber Membership

It’s clear to see that Marlow Chamber has had a positive and lasting effect on these two members. And it could give your business a real advantage too.

The supportive and proactive spirit within our community is a great place to make friends, discover new ideas, stay informed - and to help your business grow.

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