Pedestrianised Shopping, anyone??

It is only a couple of weeks now before our Traditional Late Night Shopping event returns to Marlow High Street. And once again, we are being joined not only by a range of gift and Christmas themed stalls, but local retailers will also be staying open late.

In order to get organised for this event, however, the High Street will be closed for the afternoon. From 1.30pm. And in recent years, despite it being less than a month to Christmas, and despite there being almost no traffic to contend with for nearly 3 hours afterwards, the place has always been deserted.

So this year, we have decided we need to turn the closure into a positive promotion of the Town. This is the closest Marlow Town Centre will get (in the near future at least) to offering you a traffic-free shopping opportunity. And we do know that some local residents are really keen to see what this might be like.

So, if you would like to see what happens when traffic is diverted away from the High Street - and/or are interested to watch the preparations for our Late Night Shopping evening unfold - come on down.

Our retailers need our support at the moment more than ever. It would be a shame to see this opportunity go to waste.


Note: please do be aware that the closure only applies to the High Street. West Street and Spittal Street are the diversion routes, as are Station Road and Pound Lane. We therefore also suggest you walk or cycle TO the area as traffic on these surrounding routes is likely to be heavier than normal.

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