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Leighton's Insight: Offering emergency & essential appointments

In case you were unaware, Leighton's Insight have been available for emergency and essential appointments during the lockdown. Where possible, however, we have refrained from allowing clients to collect products and have, instead, been delivering ourselves.

We do not plan to expand this service just yet as we feel this model is both safe and in line with some restrictions advised by our professional bodies. We consequently, have a lockdoor policy at our premises, where entry is by appointment only and with only one Patient allowed in at any one time. In addition, we are employing varying degrees of PPE, depending on the type of appointment, and surfaces and equipment are all wiped down between each and every visit.

If you require an appointment, please make your request online and we follow up by phone to help decide whether you require an eye exam. The eye exam is then modified to your need and extra equipment can be installed to allow digital scanning if there is a need for closer examination.

Our fabric chairs have been removed in place of simple plastic versions which allow for disinfecting after each use. Our spectacle frames are similarly cleaned after each consultation.

For more details, and to book, please visit our website:

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