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Independent's Week | 4 - 11 July 2020

Here in Marlow, our amazing array of independent retailers, restaurants, pubs and cafes is just one reason why the town shines as a jewel in the crown of Buckinghamshire. Why visitors come to see us from miles around, not only to see the river, but to enjoy walking our beautiful high street, taking in a different shopping and cafe experience as they do.

So we thought, given it's about to be the 4th July - and that also happens to be the day when some of the pubs and cafes can finally start to open - why not make it the start of an official 'Independents' Week'.

So look out for seven days where we focus on promoting Marlow, the benefits of shopping local and of shopping independent. To encourage you to say hello to as many of these businesses as possible. And to get a view of as many different businesses as possible, as lockdown eases and our sho

pping choices expand.


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