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And the Results are In

Over the summer, we've asked you for lots of feedback. Here's what you said...

It has been very obvious since long before the Covid-19 lockdown that 2020 was going to be a challenge for businesses. As a Chamber, we saw lots of ideas being banded around - but, beyond the obvious issues, businesses themselves seemed fairly quiet. Perhaps worried that saying something might put them out on a limb.

So over the late spring and summer, we issued two surveys, one as offices and high street venues were finally given permission to re-open, and a second in late August/September, as restrictions began to (so we thought) be lifted.

Thank you VERY MUCH to all of you who have (so far) taken part. The feedback you are providing is invaluable, and helping us build a valuable picture of the diversity of all your needs.

And if you'd like to see how your comments compared with others, you can download the slide presentations here...

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