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Policies & Procedures

General Codes


Code of Conduct

(Coming soon)

This is the Code of Conduct and Behaviour which all members are asked to sign up to when they join our amazing community. Alongside the expected standards, it also includes a few sub clauses which may or may not be applicable depending on whether members get involved in sub groups, most pertinently, our Young Entrepreneurs Initiative.

The Young Entrepreneurs Initiative

(Coming soon)

Outlining the Aims and Objectives of the Chamber's Young Entrepreneurs Initiative and what young people can expect from our dedicated mentoring and education programme. 

Safeguarding Policies

Child Protection Lead - role description

The roles and responsibilities for the person designated 'Child Protection Lead' in the ongoing management of the Marlow Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Initiative.

Whistle Blowing

How members and members' colleagues can anonymously report allegations of corruption, abuse or misconduct in the carrying out of Chamber business.

Anti-Bullying Statement

The Chamber's Policy on bullying and how perpetrators will be dealt with.

Managing Allegations of Abuse

What happens when a child or adult alleges abuse by another member of the Chamber, or if abuse is suspected, in the course of Chamber business. This Policy also outlines details of how and where to report concerns about others you suspect may be victims of abuse.

Photography & Filming Policy

Policy Statement on use of filming and photography within the confines of Chamber meetings and events, giving consent and storage of those containing images of children and other vulnerable people. Includes details of how to note your objection to publication of any imagery where permission cannot reasonably expected to have been granted.

Photography & Filming Consent Form

Form used to provide consent to being filmed and/or photographed within the confines of Chamber meetings and events. 

Online Safety Policy

Expectations for conduct when involved in online meetings. Covers expectations for adult members' conduct but also an indication of the guidelines for holding online meetings with anyone under the age of 21.

Recording concerns

Our process for recording any and all concerns raised in disputes pertaining to the above policies - including how and where that information will be shared in order to carry out the necessary investigations or remedial work that resolution requires.

Managing the alleged victim

Advice on how to deal with a situation in which a child or vulnerable adult alleges abuse by another member of the Chamber, or where you suspect abuse may be taking place. Includes contact details for the NSPCC abuse hotline.

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