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Marlow Osteopathic Clinic

Marlow Osteopathic Clinic was founded in 1990 by Debbie Rogers and originally based at Bridge Dental Surgery in Marlow and then three years later moved to The Doctors House in Victoria Road, Marlow.  Debbie was joined by Caroline Baker whilst working at the doctors’ surgery and together they established themselves as a centre of osteopathic care and excellence, looking after the local community.  Whilst working alongside the doctors, nurses and staff at the surgery, they developed an understanding of the needs of the patients and a good working relationship with the medical team which made referrals between them and the medical practitioners there much easier.

In 2014 Marlow Osteopathic Clinic moved to its current location in the centre of Marlow High Street, alongside The Spinal Health Clinic in the beautiful building of Taylor House.  In 2016 we were joined by another associate, Hazel Hanley and together our team offers appointments throughout the week, during evenings and Saturday mornings.

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective system of manual treatment that helps the body restore itself to normal function and so alleviates symptoms in the joints and soft tissues. We are mostly recognised for treating spinal pain, in particular back pain and neck pain and associated nerve pain such as sciatica. Our abilities to treat peripheral joints are also well recognised and respected, particularly in the field of sports medicine. We treat shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, hips, knees ankles and feet whether the problems are sports-related or not.

What Happens?

When you attend the clinic for your initial assessment a thorough medical history will be taken, which coupled with an examination will allow us to diagnose the problems you are experiencing. Using this information, a personalized treatment plan will then be designed to account for your own individual circumstances and condition. We also discuss with our patients how they can improve their lifestyles and prevent further problems from occurring, whether this is through diet, exercise or postural advice.



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