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Aerial Film and Photo

Media Production

Aerial Services


High-definition footage, captured from all angles. Our experienced and professional video crew are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Camera Pole

High spec, remote controlled camera and carbon fibre 10m telescopic pole means restricted airspace and lofty interiors are no longer an issue. Ensure your space is viewed from the best vantage point.

Cable Camera

It’s quiet movement and tiny size make it unobtrusive to the event or scene. No propeller noise, no operator, no risk. Great for weddings, concerts and event coverage.

Cable Cam provides a safe alternative method to capture incredible overhead shots in crowded and congested areas where operating a drone may not be feasible.It is quick to set up and using the latest speed adjustment controls ensures that none of the action is missed.

We can install multiple cables which can be switched between with ease and all in a very short space of time.

We provide a range of cameras for this set up – from 4K broadcast quality to fully immersive 360 degree with FlowState Stabilization and Cinematic Slow-Mo.

Virtual Reality Tours

Our ground-breaking, three-dimensional media invite you to explore any place as though you were really there. Our services allow you to create an immersive, three-dimensional virtual copy of your dream interior, space or place. Our virtual services also allow you to keep customers in the know with bespoke interactive points, giving them key information as they explore your virtual spaces. Optimised for web, mobile and virtual reality.

Stills Photography

More than fifteen years experience in the industry from corporate clients to lifestyle and reportage.


Fully managed time-lapse photography in any location for any duration from a few hours to several years.


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