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Getting involved

Under the theme, 'Shaping the Future' the Marlow Business Festival is looking to provide insight and education on a range of subjects to help businesses face up the challenges of a fast changing world. 


And there is still a chance to get involved.


Some opportunities are exclusive to Chamber members. And if you're not one already, we'd love to see you join. Meaning you could then actively take part - as a sponsor, a speaker, a host, or to run a 'fringe' demonstration, pop up or drop in centre.


Our programme is expanding almost daily - you just need to get in touch with an idea.


But non-members can also benefit. As can anyone with an interest in what our experts are offering. Sign up to a workshop, send employees to an event, join our Scavenger Hunt with co-workers or the family, or simply come along and enjoy a burger with us at the Sunday closing BBQ.


For more details of all the opportunities available - or to find out more about joining our amazing group of businesses - please get in touch.

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