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Make it a Marlow Easter

Walk Marlow
Easter Trail & Scavenger Hunt


16 April 2022


Bring the family. Bring the dog. And join us on a tour of the sights of Marlow, collecting treasure and answering puzzles as you go


A unique way to explore

Bring your friends, your family - and even your dog - and join us this Easter taking part in 'Walk Marlow', the Chamber's brand new take on a local scavenger hunt, organised exclusively for Marlow residents and guests. 

In a little over 90 mins, our out-and-back loop of the Town will take you round all the main sights, but also reveal some of its hidden gems. And our series of cryptic clues and challenges will help involve everyone, young and old, in searching, collecting and solving clues. 

And for the adults, we have an additional - albeit optional - quiz that comes with its own prize.

What to expect

Registration for the trail is being hosted courtesy of Marlow Library and you can fetch your trail pack at anytime between 10am and 1pm. This will provide you with:


  • your route map

  • a set of questions to be answered on that route

  • a couple of 'creative' challenges 

  • a list of items to collect

  • an anagram game and

  • our (optional) adult-only quiz

Our team will then answer any final questions you might have - and send you on your way.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Talking of prizes

The best bit is, we've got quite a few prizes to give away - for the highest scores and for general excellence in the field of creativity. But do be aware, some of the points on offer are entirely at the discretion of our panel of judges. So do try to make them smile..! 😉 


In terms of timing, the loop should take about 90 mins to complete, subject to your being distracted by what you see - or want to eat and drink on the way. Take your time - there will be no bonus points for speed - but to be in with a chance of winning, your sheet must be back at the registration desk by 3.30pm. The Library closes at 4.00pm.

The results will then be formalised - and if you are a winner, you will be contacted directly and invited along to a local hospitality venue to claim your prize. The winners will then be announced publicly both here and on our Facebook page.

Register to Enter

Taking part is free. But we need to make sure we have enough packs for everyone coming along. To join in, therefore, please register via our entry form. You'll then receive a confirmation your involvement via email. And be offered contact details you can use if you have any questions...

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