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About the Chamber

Fast approaching its 65th birthday, the Marlow & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce offers your organisation the opportunity to be at the centre of a thriving community of business people and like minded individuals.


Focusing on Marlow and surrounding villages, our membership is drawn from the a whole range of sectors - retail, trade, domestic services, business to business and professional services. The Town has a thriving business community. And it is the Chamber's objective to protect, enhance and promote that community, to help bring economic growth and tourism to the area.


Join us, and you will not only get the chance to introduce your business to others - and to learn from them - but also collaborate with them and with the community for the benefit of all.

Aims of the Marlow Chamber

  • To be at the centre of trade and commerce in Marlow

  • To promote economic growth and tourism in the local area

  • To make Marlow and its surroundings a better place to visit, live, work and conduct business

  • To be a key enabler in Marlow and District for businesses to equip students for employment and entrepreneurship


Marlow Chamber’s Objectives:

  • To work for business development in the Marlow area

  • To represent member’s interests at local, regional and national levels

  • To provide information and services to enable members to take action and plan for the future

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