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Hygge Igloo Events

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Our luxury garden igloos let you enjoy the outdoors in comfort with the option of complete customisation. Ideal for any occasion including Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Baby Shower, Hen Parties, Romantic Proposals and more

We help bring your ideas to life year-round in our cosy igloos with a wide range of styled packages including Dining, Afternoon Tea, Movies, Cocktail and Spa. With our personal touches, and a 360° view of the stars, there’s something for everyone!

Our themed Hygge Sleepover Indoor Teepees are aimed at children between the ages of 6-11 and add that extra bit of magic and excitement to Birthday or Friends Sleepover. We have a number of different themes and packages for you to choose from to make your event extra special.
We work with and promote other local businesses to provide comprehensive packages that can include entertainment, food and drinks.

For more information please check our social media pages or email

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