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Dragonbridge Communications

Business type:

Public Relations


At Dragonbridge, we believe that leadership business communications need to be built on a solid and credible brand foundation to stay relevant - one which succinctly clarifies a company's value and differentiation in the markets it serves.

The key to successful business communications is to ensure that your culture, values and key messages are communicated to all stakeholders with inspiration and consistency across multiple integrated channels:

• PR and international media relations
• Brand positioning & messaging
• Exhibitions & Events: Physical, Virtual, Hybrid
• Content Marketing/ Social Media
• Video & Digital

The Dragonbridge team, with colleagues in the US, Middle East, China and Japan, has the formula of agility, experience and expertise to support you and to transform your company brand vision into a reality.

Call Bern Guly for an exploratory chat.

- From the heart of your business to the minds of your customers -

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