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September 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Posted on October 10th, 2017






There were 30 attendees

1. Welcome – Welcome by Anthony Cox (President) and Bernard Burger

2. Minutes of the last meeting

Agreed and signed as a true record.

3. Update on Chamber Matters by the President

Web Site – The President gave brief details of the proposed refreshing of the Chamber web site – there is a small committee working on this and would be sending a document outlining the brief to the two parties who had shown interest in quoting for the work

Late Night Shopping Event – 7th December – all in hand

Marlow Free Press – introduced Shruti Trivedi – the new MFP reporter.

Sprintathon – took place on the 16th September. There was approximately £30,000 raised and apparently Brian Bower of Runners Retreat had won the title although he was not at the meeting to tell us more.

Executive committee – the President informed the meeting that Mr. Thornby would be resigning from the Executive committee although would continue to be a member. He was thanked for his hard work during the past years and as President during 2015/16. The President invited anyone who would be interested in filling this post, with particular interest in the web site to contact the Secretary

Celebrate Marlow – the President would be attending “Celebrate Marlow” organised by the Marlow Town Council, on Sunday 24th September.

4. New Members – agreed 

Marlow Air Conditioning
Victoria House Nursery

5. Presentation by Really Wild

Vanessa Fearnough gave details of how the company was formed. The outfits are made with high quality fabrics with a limited edition of each style – nothing is massed produced. The Head Office is in Theale and it was decided to open a shop in Marlow so customers could visit and see the quality of the fabrics for themselves rather than just on line. Vanessa gave all members a catalogue and a 15% discount voucher.

6. Presentation by Cllr. Jocelyn Towns (Town Mayor)

The Town Mayor gave details of some of the responsibilities of each council
Bucks County Council – Trading Standards, Transport for Bucks, Libraries etc.

Wycombe District Council – Higginson Park, Car parks, planning application environment etc.

Marlow Town Council – consultees re planning, allotment sites, cemetery, shopmobility, advertising banners, Gossmore Park, Seymour Park, Riley Park. Grass and hedge cutting, foot paths, contribute to PCSO, the town bus and responsible for Christmas lights etc.

For full details please visit the individual web sites.

The Mayor pointed out that they were also there to help influence decision making by working withWDC and BCC for the good of Marlow.

The budget for MTC was £316,000.

They have taken on quite a few devolved services which were being carried out successfully.

They would be lobbying MPs etc. with regard to business rates.

The President thanked the Mayor for her presentation which made clearer the responsibilities of each council, in particular the MTC.

6. Members News, Offers and Events 

Bucks County Council Cllr. Alex Collingwood gave an update on the Local Plan and the budget for business rates. With regard to car parking, the Council were waiting for data which should be available by the end of October.

He gave details of other initiatives BCC were undertaking such as resurfacing of roads, and Superfast BT broadband boxes.

Details of night working by Southern Electric and work on the obelisk etc. were another of the topics he outlined.

Seymour Taylor – Rachel Pugh gave information of the new tax digital scheme and disposing of Santander shares. If any help is required with these topics Seymour Taylor would be delighted to assist.

Marlow Carnival – Aimee Smith felt that the Carnival had been well organised although there had been problems with the road closure organised for the procession.

7 Date of next meeting

Monday 16th October 2017 – 6pm (AGM) AT Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Full agenda with details of speaker etc. to following in due course.