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New Wycombe District Local Plan 2014

Posted on March 4th, 2014



As you are aware Wycombe District Council has recently conducted a consultation exercise concerning the implementation of the Local Plan or planning issues for the years to come. The Marlow & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce has responded to that consultation exercise and attached you will find the Chamber response. Many local organisations will have responded to the consultation exercise in ways pertinent to their own interests and it will no doubt be very interesting in the coming months to consider the responses that have been submitted if and when they are made public. If any member would like to discuss the response with the Chamber then please get in touch. Timothy Graham President of the Marlow & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce


ORIGINAL ENTRY OF 4th MARCH 2014 Dear Members, You may be aware that Wycombe District Council is preparing a new local plan for Wycombe District. The plan sets out how many homes and jobs will be built and planned for between the present and 2031. Wycombe District Council has been carrying out both an economic and employment review investigating the nature and extent of use of land both for residential and business purposes. The study looks at how the economy might grow between now and 2031, the types of jobs that will be created and where and how best they can be accommodated using land currently used for business or arising from new growth moving forward. It is envisaged that land will have to be found for up to 13,000 new jobs as well as building 500 – 700 homes each year. Managing the ongoing change in the local economy from a manufacturing to a service based one and meeting the increased demand for offices and the management of existing stock of employment land is of particular concern. The strain on an already overburdened infrastructure must be addressed to ensure that the locality remains a high quality environment in which to live and work.

The consultation for the new Wycombe District local plan runs from 3 February until 4 April 2014. A summary leaflet can be found on the Wycombe District Council website at:

and consultations are also occurring throughout the district. Marlow Chamber urges all members and non members to review the plan in as much detail as possible and to provide the Chamber with your views on how the plan should be constructed. It is important to consider the future of Marlow and to consider how the local environment for both work and leisure can be improved for the benefit of all. Marlow Chamber intends to provide a detailed response within the consultation period and input from all members is invited. Please visit the Wycombe District Council website and look at the proposals for the local plan and the issues that the council has identified. Comments must be received by Wycombe District Council by 4 April 2014 and the plan will affect businesses in Marlow for many years to come. Please email any comments you may wish to make to the Chamber to Tim Graham President