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GMSBC crew help England win 8 Golds

On Saturday 21st July 2018, four Great Marlow School rowers represented England at the 2018 Home International Regatta in Cork, Ireland. Oliver Peace, Oliver Emmett-Bird, Jamie-Jack Westfold and Josh McKenzie from Great Marlow School in Marlow were all selected to row in the Junior Mens Coxless Four, and in the Junior Mens Eight boat for their country.

Seventy-six rowers from 29 schools and clubs across England were selected as they raced against the home nations of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The boys Coxless Four was their first race of the day and in what was their last regatta as Junior Rowers, the four boys took a dominant lead throughout the course and beat Scotland at the finishing line to take the gold medal position.

Their last race was in the prestigious Junior Mens Eight, alongside crew members from Eton College, Kings College School, Kings Chester, and Hinksey Sculling School. The boys dominated the race with an impressive 10 second lead as they crossed the line in the brilliant Irish sunshine.

Between them, the Great Marlow crew returned to Marlow early on Sunday morning with an impressive eight international Gold medals.

Head coach of Great Marlow School Boat Club, Fergus Murison quoted:

“Great Marlow School Boat Club are extremely proud of Oli, Ollie, Jamie and Josh representing not only Great Marlow School, but also their country. They are a credit to the school, we wish them every success in the future and are looking forward to watching their rowing careers progress when they all leave the school and attend university in September.”

At the regatta, England won the Junior Men’s title and England were also the overall winners of the day. A great day for England Rowing and for Great Marlow School.

On Sunday 22nd July, the rest of the Great Marlow School Boat Club rowers raced at the British Rowing Junior Championships in Nottingham and picked up three medals in the J18 Pair, the J18 Coxless Four and the Women’s J16 Coxed Four. Another great day for Great Marlow School.

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Minutes of July Meeting


MONDAY 16th July 2018 – 6PM

1. Welcome by Chamber President

2. Minutes of last meeting

Slight clarification pointed out by Martin Spittle the A404 is       closing on those dates to move the Volvo Footbridge and take it away to repair it and then             to return it

3. Update from Marlow Town Council –  information  by Cllr. Jocelyn Towns

Gossmore and Pergola – Extensive EA works are still taking place, projected completion was this summer, but due to problems with sourcing topsoil the construction of bunds was delayed.  They hope to start grass seeding in August/September depending on weather and ground conditions, with tree and shrub planting in early December.  Both areas will not be fully open to the public until spring 2019.

Village Gateways – The Town Council at the last meeting agreed to install a second gateway      at the two entrances to the Town, so there is one each side.

Wiltshire Road Roundabout –Bucks County Council have agreed to design and sponsor the         Wiltshire Road roundabout.

Tree Pits on the High Street – These have now been completed.  One of the trees was     damaged recently; the tree officer has inspected it and will monitor it, commenting it looks      as if this was car damage.

The A Board Policy – Is being enforced and is generally being respected.

Yellow Lines – These are mostly on corners and for Health and Safety reasons, there is one         congestion change on the junction of Station Road and Dedmere Road, with a chicane type      arrangement to help traffic flow.  The maps for this work should be presented to Mark Shaw      Cabinet Member for transport very soon, for an October installation.  Bucks are also confident that they have enough funds to cover the cost without having to come to the            Town Council for a top up.

Yellow Lines –the yellow lines in Spittal Street, will be replaced with  narrow lines as per a conservation area.

Parking Strategy – MTC are meeting with BCC and WDC in early August to hopefully review       the Parking Survey conducted by WDC (though not published yet), also to discuss the decked   parking proposals submitted to WDC. MTC noted the BCC announcement on a Parking   Overhaul and want to fully understand this report. (BFP Friday 13th July).

MTC have established these regular strategic meetings with both authorities to enable everybody to have a joined up thinking approach on the future of parking in Marlow.  As       soon as they have more details they will be shared.

Local Businesses – Town Council have been contacted recently by a couple of companies            volunteering to ‘help in the local community’ and the Council ask that members contact   their office if your business would like to take part in this initiative.  Both Cobham and   Softcat have contributed.

Frohman Statue – Town Council are looking at what needs to be done to protect it.  Two            specialist stone masons have already inspected it, saying there is little they could do.  Two      further specialists are attending to ascertain if it can be coated in any way to protect it from      further       damage from acid rain and exhaust fumes.

Children’s Centres – the new consultation is due to start on July 27th,  no details as yet.

Cemetery –This is a very difficult subject, and the office are handling it very sensitively to           bring consistency to the rule, around having only headstones and grass, being brought into    line.

Allotments –allotment holders as asked to please be aware of the increased fire risks at this       time.

Water shortage – as a town we are asked not to use excessive water, so that a hosepipe ban      may be avoided.

No report from Wycombe District Council due to the absence of Cllr. Suzanne Brown

Update on Bucks County Council information by Cllr. Alex Collingwood

“The Resolute” – new pizza restaurant in Higginson Park had had their food hygiene double       checked WDC and all was up to standard.

Resurfacing –  full resurfacing of Ryans Mount  and Queens Road would take place hopefully      shortly but a structural survey has  to be carried out first.

School bus – Chiltern Bus Company were taking this over in September.

Unitary Authority – following a question Cllr. Collingwood informed that Brexit was taking          precedence at the moment and didn’t expect any decision or response regarding the Unitary        Authority decision until September/October.

4. Update on Chamber matters by the President.

Bonus Business Booster – “Bonus Business Booster is an item Aimee has introduced which           should be a 10 minute presentation giving informative information adding value to businesses.  It is not a pitch for a particular business although if that business could assist obviously this would be mentioned at the end of the presentation.”

Reminder to everyone that they are welcome to present on any subject that would add value for members. Some presentations were in the pipeline and anyone wishing to present should contact the Secretary.

Guests –  Encouraged members to bring along guests to a meeting who could be interested        in joining the Chamber.

Market Square Publication – the Executive had decided to “park” the publication for the            time being and replace with an e-newsletter.  Distribution costs and several other similar       booklets were a factor in this decision.  The situation would be revisited next year.

Web site – this should be up and running towards the end of August with official launch at         the AGM in October.

Midsomer Trail – the series is often filmed in this area and a Visit Midsomer Marlow Trail           was being launched.  The President would be attending the launch and would report further.  (Details attached).

Subscriptions – still several members had not paid and were encouraged to do so asap.

5. New Member – David Clulow Opticians – agreed

6. News, Offers and Events.

David Clulow –  Anj Gupta gave details of a free eye test and 20% discount. For further   details visit

Studio Stanley – Mark Wójcicki was extending his £500 offer for branding and design.  He           would assist in helping with copy and pictures and include a logo as well.  For further         details contact him on or visit the web site.

Adviza – Sara Peace once again reminded everyone of the £150 voucher for training grants.       She would be leaving Adviza shortly but hopefully a new representative would be appointed.           Sarah was thanked for all her contributions to the Chamber meetings etc. Contact Sarah            while she is still available on

GMS Rowing– Sarah informed the meeting that the top senior boy’s crew of Great Marlow         School would be representing England at the Home International Regatta on Saturday 21st   July in the four and Eight at Cork.  The meeting offered congratulations and Sarah would let       the Secretary know the outcome and also a link to You Tube.

7. Crowne Plaza Marlow

The President thanked Nick Parry – General Manager – for hosting the meeting who in turn gave details of the upgrading of the hotel.  The outside was now painted in corporate colours and had been landscaped. The redecoration of the interior had been slightly delayed but approximately £8m. was due to be spent over the next few months. The hotel is extremely busy at the present time with European companies staying at the hotel and visiting the town.  The hotel was trying to get more local produce introduced into the hotel/rooms and asked for any ideas from members.  Rebellion are supplying the hotel with beer etc.

Nick then invited everyone into the bar area to network and try the Indian food that had            been provided

There being no further business the meeting closed at 6.40pm

Date of next meeting – Monday 17th September 2018 – Longridge – Adventure Learning


Working Together: how a unique new Clubhouse was born

Marlow Sports Club and Heighway Associate Architects

Working together for the community

Marlow Sports Club (MSC) is a fantastic community facility right in the heart of town. It promotes sport and recreation for everyone of all ages and offers a diverse range of sports including: Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Running, Cycling and Petanque.

Added to this, our facility is also shared by Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School for the purpose of school sports.

There has been an incredible growth in membership in the last 10 years from 500 to over 2500 members with particular growth from junior and female members. Whilst new and improved sporting facilities have been added to the grounds, the array of facilities for socialising, showering and toilet facilities and storage has not seen a significant change since the most recent pavilion was added over 40 years ago.

And at that time the membership was predominantly adult male. The facilities therefore continue to reflect that. And are now totally inadequate for even the current membership profile, never mind the growing and future needs of the Club.

Developing the grounds

Having implemented many of the objectives of the first phase of the project to secure the land and existing facilities the MSC Trustees were looking for a local partner to work with them to develop a proposal for a new Clubhouse which met current and future needs of the Club. The Club felt that a partner from the local community would be in line with its overall objectives.

At that time the Sports Club, in line with its community participation, had joined the Chamber of Commerce. Heighway Associate Architects (HAA), an award-winning creative and successful buildings and spaces organisation, was also a member of the Chamber.

As Paul Sambrook, then Chairman of the Sports Club said:

“Finding the right Architect to partner us was very important. After talking with several Practices we settled on Heighway Associates. We have worked together for over 2 years and are delighted with their enthusiasm, environmental values, sharing of our Community orientation and their creativity”

The two teams developed the brief for a multi-sport Clubhouse with input from the different sports sections looking to the immediate needs and also looking to the future.

A planning application was submitted to the local council. After several months of dialogue the Planning Committee gave consent and planning permission was obtained in April 2018.

Working together as partners in the Chamber has been very beneficial to this project. The design and approach of the new Clubhouse was presented to the full Chamber membership during the development process at a monthly meeting and feedback incorporated into the project.

Both partners now look forward to the next stages of the project.

Building Top Teams

Mulady Solutions logo(small)

Mulady Solutions is pleased to announce details of our latest workshop.

Called, “Building To Teams” this workshop covers the importance of teamwork, what makes a good team and how to move your team towards optimum performance. The workshop is designed for groups of 4 to 14 and can be run by department, across departments or for the company as a whole

Course Objectives

To enable participants to appreciate the differing personality styles within their team for the team to work as one and therefore increase productivity and team harmony

Course outline

The importance of teamwork and the characteristics of a high performing team
Appreciate the different personalities in the team together with your role and the impact you have on the team
As a team you will agree the qualities needed to work as a successfully
You will then use the qualities agreed to gain team agreement to solve a problem
It’s a Wrap – showing a winning team


We are offering this course with a maximum of 14 participants for £950.00 for one-day or £500.00 for a half-day inclusive of materials and plus travel expenses


‘We would like to thank you for your training days. The initial feedback from the attendees was very positive and they enjoyed it very much. The proof of a good course, I believe, is that the subject matter is not only understood but implemented to become habit forming. This has certainly been the case with you. Assured Future would recommend you to any business, especially in times of hardship. When the going gets tough the tough get going, however they all need to go in the same direction for it to work. Your course has communicated the power of teamwork. Thank you once again.’
Debbie Tissot Cert PFS, Director – Assured Future, Financial Advisors.

Some of the organisations we have worked with include:

  • Primary Care Trusts, care homes and a Medical Regulatory Council
  • The finance sector including independent financial advisors, banking and insurance
  • A leading consumer rights organisation
  • The hospitality sector including catering, hotel and conference centres
  • The technical support teams for IT companies
  • Vehicle contract hire companies and car dealerships
  • The education sector with a major university based in the south west of England and The British Council
  • Serviced offices and accommodation companies
  • Laboratory service and repair company
  • Local Government at County/Borough Council level


To find out more, contact Annie Mulady

tel: 01628 475988

Workshop: How strong is your brand?


EcoBrand is delighted to announce their highly compelling 2 hour Taster Seminar / workshop

How Strong is your Brand?

To help you define the strengths and weaknesses in your brand reputation and customer perception.

– Are you making the most of your brand?
– What do your customers say about your brand?
– Having a brand means having a plan!


This workshop is about getting under the skin of brands and finding out how they work. It’s about discovering how businesses
of all kinds can deliver greater value from their brand. The process itself will be inspiring and enlightening for all taking part.
‘Thinking like a brand’ will open your eyes to new opportunities and give you the confidence to go for them.

‘Its what people say about you when you are not in the room.’

Sign up now and start improving the reputation of your business!

Sessions can be held at your premises and involve key staff throughout the business.
To book your seminar / workshop please contact
Richard Collins on 07831 857332 or email