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WSI launches new ‘Actionable Insights’ Service – from £70 per month

Posted on May 15th, 2017

What Can Google Analytics Provide?

analysis-1841158_640At an overview level, Google Analytics enables businesses to:

  • Measure the source of defined ‘conversions’ (downloads, enquiries, registrations)
  • Gain information on visitor demographics and acquisition
  • Receive objective guidance on visitor behaviour to guide content changes to improve website performance

The Background to WSI Thames’ New Service

google-certification-analytics-tony-thornby-2017-04The aim of monthly insight reports is to extract both monthly specific and trend information worthy of client business attention and action.

Living Streams Ltd (WSI Thames’ parent company) has for many years included analytics based insights in its monthly reports for Support Contract clients: It is a key differentiator that results in its client working with us for 18 to 24 months on average.

In addition, I (Tony Thornby) have recently gained Analytics Certification from Google to independently validate my relevant expertise.

How Does the ‘Actionable Insights’ service operate?

insightsEach month, WSI Thames will spend its contracted time split between 3 activities:

  1. Advising the client on setting up separate tracking of its marketing / advertising initiatives and configuring Google Analytics to monitor the achievement of relevant goals
  2. Analysing Google Analytics to produce a workbook of useful numerical reports and a related text report of observations and recommendations
  3. A phone review meeting (usually via Skype) to answer any questions on the provided insights and agree actions for the following month

What is the Cost of the Service?

Depending on the complexity of the work required, clients can take a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour per month service.
Businesses which take just the Actionable Insights service are effectively Starter Support Contract clients (see The cost of this is currently £70+vat per hour for start-ups and charities, £80+vat per hour for established businesses with a turnover <£1M or £90+vat for businesses with a turnover >£1M.

Extending the ‘Actionable Insights’ service

When requested by a client, WSI Thames can provide implementation support in all areas covered by the core ‘Actionable Insights’ service including performance tracking features, improved conversions and effective landing pages (content and layout).

We also offer:

  • Adwords setup and management services
  • SEO programme advice, mentoring and implementation support
  • Taking up any of these options is like to result in the client business moving to a higher level of Support Contract and thus lowering the hourly rate that it is charged.

First Step

we-have-ideasThe initial ‘Actionable Insight’ investigation for a business is likely to be require at least 3 hours of WSI Thames’ time. This is offered for a flat payment (in advance) of £210+vat. The invoices for the first and second month of the ongoing service will each be credited back with £50 – thus effectively reducing the initial work to £110.

To place an order for the initial ‘Actionable Insight’ investigation should contact Tony (Thornby),, 01494 440019.