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Personal Branding Doesn’t Just Beat Strategy – It must be your Business’ Strategy

Posted on September 18th, 2017

trump-1A strong personal brand that aligns with your specific vision and strategy is a winning combination. If you’d like to discuss your personal brand with other business owners, you should attend the Central Business Hub meeting on 26th September.

Many companies fall significantly short of having a strong personal brand by failing to do four things:

  1. clearly defining their personal brand, bearing in mind the need for its relevance to your target market
  2. managing the implementation of their personal brand
  3. aligning personal brand with strategy and desired results
  4. leveraging personal brand during times of change.

These requirements are as relevant to a one-person business as they are to large employers because it is your personal brand that attracts prospects and the experience of it which retains them when they have become customers.

It is also worth consideration that if have a few employees, today’s top talent cares deeply about the culture, purpose and work environment. Manage your personal brand or it will manage you – shared beliefs, mindsets and values.

An organization that doesn’t actively create the personal brand it wants will end up with a perceived personal brand anyway. It will be the disorganized total of the thoughts and experiences of its employees and customers. Personal branding is reflective of leadership and is what drives engagement.

Because of the uncertainties in the marketplace – and the very real threats to many companies’ survival – many leaders see the concept of “culture” and the tasks of defining and managing it as luxuries that only get attention once more concrete and easier-to-measure objectives are handled. This has resulted in many organizations being heavy on management and light on leadership – which is the antithesis of companies that navigate change successfully.


When you define the personal brand you want for your organization, align it with the vision and strategy and establish it authentically, you will have built the single most powerful tool for navigating change. You will be building a business that can adapt and thrive in adversity–which is something every organization needs to do just to survive: Adaptability is key for success.

Personal brand – and its application to strategy and results – is now a core focus of great organizations that “get it”. Volumes of research from global consulting firms point to the fundamental belief that there is a distinct correlation between personal brand and financial performance.

Source: This article was the result of me reading “Why Culture Doesn’t Just Beat Strategy, It Must Be the Strategy “ by Bret Gleeson

If you would like to discuss your work ‘personal brand’ with other business owners/managers, it will cost just £7 to do so at attend the Central Business Hub meeting on 26th September (click to go to registration page and the Paypal payment page).

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