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Mythical Vinyasa Flow at Spa Illuminata Danesfield House

Posted on April 11th, 2017

An unusual format of vinyasa sequences set to Goddess Durga music and storytelling. Afterwards anticipate a yoga glow and a gentle wake up call from within to gather courage and determination to release unwanted thoughts & habits that stop us moving forward. Connecting to the child within by playing with the yoga practice and listening to the unraveling of a popular Indian myth that may shine a light on your inner self.

The wisdom of the mythical Goddess Durga will be interwoven into the flow of the vinyasa yoga practice, to help us recognize traits and patterns within ourselves. Expect to get warm, laugh, dive deep within your heart and complete with a blissed out final relaxation. The Goddess Durga embodies the attributes of fierce courage, compassion and patience, and we can reawaken these through the workshop.

Sunday 25th June 2017
with Amanda Hughes
2pm – 4pm
£25.00 per person
To book please call 01628 891881 or email