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Don’t monkey around with your email marketing

Posted on April 20th, 2017

Compare Constant Contact to MailChimp – You Get What You Pay For

Many people ask me why should they use Constant Contact when it costs and Mailchimp is free?  Apart from the fact that Living Streams support Constant Contact and not Mailchimp :-), here is the answer in feature terms.


Email marketing is good for small businesses. But only Constant Contact is #1 in email marketing for small businesses*, with over 15 years of experience helping them succeed. It’s our powerful marketing tools, starting with email—and their people, too.  Their team goes beyond tech support to help with any marketing questions you may have, so you get better results, faster.

*as ranked by Website Magazine

Ask to sign up for our 60 day free managed trial

  • No credit card details required (so you only move from free trial to paid account when you choose to)
  • Free website matching template
  • Free loading of your initial opted-in subscriber details
  • Help with your first email and interpretation of its effectiveness

Tony Thornby
WSI Thames (a trading name of Living Streams Consultancy UK Ltd)