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Every Hip Replacement has a Silver Lining

Posted on March 18th, 2017

hip-replacementWell not exactly – in my case, the ‘spike’ is titanium and the cup etc is ceramic. But my point is that being barred from driving for 6 weeks, hence unable to network for new business, it seemed appropriate to celebrate my return with a special member to member offer within the Chamber.

Getting the Foundations Right

In my time as a digital marketing consultant, i.e. the last 11 years, I’ve found that most companies that I talk to ask me to help them make their current digital marketing activity more effective…… but what I often find is that the whole basis of their digital marketing is wrong.
Companies often jump straight into activities like online advertising, social networking or marketing automation without first establishing solid foundations for their online marketing – a strategy and a plan.

The key attributes of the online marketing strategy

Clear understanding of:

  • Their prospects (demographics, needs, behaviours)
  • Their prospects buying cycle
  • The USPs of their offering (service or product)
  • Their current visibility and credibility (online reputation)
  • The strength and online activity of their competition

The key aspects of the online marketing plan

  • Choosing appropriate approaches (what, when, where and how) that match their strategy
  • Defined ‘conversion’ mechanisms (suspect to prospect, prospect to customer, customer to loyal customer, loyal customer to advocate) that match the personas in their market and their motivations
  • Business relevant measurements that will enable the ROI (return on investment) of each marketing initiative to monitored
  • Improvement mechanisms to improve marketing ROI

Audit and Recommendations

WSI Thames will:

  1. Review your current online marketing strategy and plan
  2. Audit your current online marketing
  3. Based on ‘1’ and ‘2’ write a report with observations, insights and recommendations for improvement.

Our standard price (excluding VAT) for this is: £1,000 for businesses with an annual turnover over £1M, £800 for established businesses with an annual turnover below £1M and £600 for charities and start-ups (within their first year of operation).

Half-Price offer for Members of Marlow Chamber

For the remainder of 2017, the prices for Marlow Chamber members are: £500, £400 and £300.