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Member Content for Website

Member Content for Marlow Chamber Website


1.1 Text

Text must be supplied in Word or plain text format, i.e. .docx, .doc or .txt
The first two formats are preferable for members because they can include the images and show how they would like the content arranged.

1.2 Images

These must be supplied as one of the following file types – .jpg, .gif or .png

1.3 Presentations (inc slide shows)

These must be supplied as fully animated Microsoft Powerpoint files (i.e. they would auto play from beginning to end in ‘slideshow’ mode) – they will be converted to videos, uploaded to the Marlow Chamber YouTube channel and embedded into the Chamber website.



  1. This is in addition to the core business information provided on the member application form – i.e. company name, physical address , website address, phone number
  2. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they have the right to use all images in their content. All content published on the web is subject to copyright law and unauthorised use can result in heavy fines. Liability for incorrect use of copyright images etc lies with the member who provided them for use in their content on the Marlow Chamber website.

2.1 Business Logo

This will be shown on the member’s page and on – it must be provided as a .jpg, .gif or .png

2.2 Summary

A brief text description of your business offering – 40 words maximum. This will be shown on

2.3 Member Page

A whole page is available for your business to use for text, images and embedded videos (from YouTube). You can have as many hyperlinks as you like to specific pages on your website and links to any business social media presence that you have (e.g. Facebook Page, Twitter account or LinkedIn page).
Each member page has its own internet address (URL)

2.4 News, Offers and Events

Articles are current content items for which the same capability exists as for your member page.

The only difference is that they will be emailed to all members via email and will be linked to from the main area of the Chamber website home page – until pushed off it by other member’s subsequent articles. Every attempt will be made to keep each article’s entry on the home page for a minimum of a month or until it becomes out of date – whichever comes first.


Members’ article posts on the Chamber website will be promoted in the Chamber’s Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn Page as appropriate