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Minutes of April Meeting

Posted on May 14th, 2018


MONDAY 23rd April 2018 – 6PM

1. Welcome by Mr. Paul Deriaz (Vice-President) & Laura Tilbury of Marlow Rowing Club

2. Minutes of last meeting – signed as true record with two amendments (from Cllr Alex Collingwood & Martin Spittle)

3. New members: Marlow Rowing Club and Sunrise Health & Beauty were both welcomed to the Chamber

4. Update on Marlow Town Council issues – Cllr Jocelyn Town (Town Mayor)

After a protracted battle, the travellers have left Globe Park.
Bus Shelters – are being replaced.
A-board policy – retailers are asked to look out for delivery over the next few weeks.
Spittal Street enhancement – MTC and WDC have agreed a start date for works of May 7th.
Work will be carried out overnight to avoid daytime disruption.
Liston Court – two thirds of lighting now been replaced with solar. MTC lobbying Red Kite to rectify the section owned by them.
Parking update – MTC, BCC and WDC will work collaboratively on the town’s parking needs.
MTC commissioned some designs for decked parking at Riley Road. WDC will review this once they have the results of their recent district wide parking survey, which should be available next month.
Bridge lighting – MTC have engaged with companies to look at options and waiting on BCC for permissions.
Refuge between Burgers and Higginson Park on the Causeway – hopefully work will start in August.
Electric Car Charing Points – Mark Averill – Head of Highways for BCC talked through proposals

5. Electric car charging points

Mark was supported by a Power Point presentation giving details of the proposed electric car charging points to be trialled in Marlow.  3 charging points in the Causeway would be    piloted in the next 2 weeks. He also gave details of the funding, costings etc. Mr. Averill then answered concerns raised by members.

6. Members News, Offers and Events

Modernising Local Government – Cllr. Alex Collingwood gave brief details of a Seminar being held at 7pm on 30th April at Wycombe District Council . He would let the Secretary have further details.

A404 – Painting of the bridge had now been moved to August

Cllr. Collingwood gave details of the flood relief scheme which should be finished in May. He also mentioned the Local Plan which was being challenged by developers.

Dementia Friendly Community in Marlow – Paul Bolton gave details of a project the new Marlow Bridge Rotary Club was working on to help dementia suffers and their carers in Marlow. Stakeholders were required and he urged anyone who felt they would like to know more about the project and/or assist in getting it moving forward to contact him on

Unitary Authority – Mark Harris gave his opinions on the new plans. It was agreed that the next business meeting (May 21st) be held at Marlow Rowing Club and the Secretary would obtain speakers from both WDC and BCC to give their plans.

Groundwork South – Margaret McCarthy had copies of the Globe News letter giving details of the new veterinary practice coming to Marlow and other items of interest. For further copies or more information on Globe Park contact Margaret on

Spittal Street refurbishment – Mr. Braybrooke voiced his concerns with regard to the forthcoming refurbishment of Spittal Street. Although the work was to be carried out during the night, he asked if there a plan put in place to keep traffic and pedestrians moving during the day. He was assured that disruption would be kept to a minimum.

Longridge – Amanda Foister requested legal help with a forthcoming project and it was suggested she looked at the web site which would give full details of solicitors who could be approached.

Chamber leaflet – A new leaflet had been produced giving details of the benefits of being a member of the Marlow Chamber. The Vice President urged members to take some of the leaflets and hand them to anybody in business who they felt could benefit by joining.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.05pm

Date of next meeting Monday 21st May 6pm – Marlow Rowing Club. The main emphasis of the meeting would be discussion on the Unitary Authority plans – to be confirmed.