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Minutes of March meeting

Posted on April 10th, 2018



1. Welcome by Mrs. Aimee Smith (President)

2. Minutes of last meeting – signed as true record with one amendment – Item 6 – should read emission not transmission.

3. Update on Chamber Matters – by The President

  • Breakfast meeting – Bookings going very well. President reminded everyone to get their items for the goodie bags to Celebrations Party shop in Liston Court asap. Danesfield House Hotel had kindly offered to supply the bags.
  • Facebook Group – President encouraged members to use this – it is for Chamber members only.
  • Market Square Publication – Executive committee were putting together ideas to make this different from other publications before deciding to go ahead. She requested ideas from membe rs asap.
  • Guests – President also reminded members to bring along a guest to business meetings.

4. Update on Marlow Town Council issues

Jocelyn Towns, Town Mayor

  • Jocelyn thanked everyone for their support with the parking consultation. Just over 2,000 responses received by Bucks County Council plus the 7,500 signatures on the petition.
  • It was hoped that Bucks County Council would arrange for a “refuge” between Burgers and Higginson Park. No date yet.
  • It was hoped that a test of 2-3 electric charging points would be trialled in the town. Marlow Town Council has suggested a representative from Highways to come to talk about this at a Chamber meeting – date to be finalised with the Secretary.
  • MTC are replacing two old and tired bus shelters on the Henley Road and the one on Wiltshire Road junction and are putting in a new shelter at the junction of Newtown Road and Little Marlow Road.
  • White village gateways are to be introduced on the Lane End and Henley Roads into Marlow. It was felt these are very good for traffic calming as well as looking welcoming to the town.
  • Marlow Bridge lighting – MTC are working with a company to see how this could be carried out cost effectively.
  • Children’s Centres – the Mayor was endeavouring to obtain relevant information from BCC to understand just what is involved in providing a similar service. Marlow is not scheduled to have a “hub”. MTC are asking for an increase of hubs from 9 to 10 to accommodate Marlow. Also waiting for a public meeting to be set by BCC
  • A renewed A Board policy will be issued to shops and businesses in the town in April. A press release will be issued when the new policy drop is going to take place.
  • The Mayor promoted her Golf Day for 24th April – encouraged members to enter teams and/or donate raffle prizes.

Cllr. Alex Collingwood gave a report at this point as he had to leave the meeting early.

  • There would be a project to begin to replace the street lights in the town with LED lights. Over 3 years 4,000 lights would be replaced.
  • A parking working group had been set up to endeavour to make deliveries to businesses in the town carried out at different times, thereby not intruding on the town during the busiest times. He encouraged the Marlow Chamber to give a response.
  • Marlow Town Council had organised frost resistance bricks to replace the wall at Plough Corner.
  • With regard to the changes to Unitary Authority, there was no decision as yet and members were told that they had until May 5th to voice their opinions. The final decision would probably be made in September.

5. Presentation by Richard Collins: Bonus Business Booster.

Mr. Collins gave a visual presentation regarding ethical practices and corporate and social responsibilities. He gave several ideas of how members could contribute by making either large or small differences to their every day home and working life. He handed over to Claire Redrup of Rennie House Hospice who continued with the theme and asked for any support from businesses form financial to vouchers for raffles etc.

For further information please contact Richard at or Claire at

6. Members News Offers and Events

  • Adviza – Vouchers for £150 training grants still available. Contact Sarah Peace on
  • Martin Spittle – gave brief details on the increase of auto-enrolment contribution to pensions. He reminded everyone of the increase of the minimum wage from 1st April and the dividend allowance for companies coming into force from 6th April. He encouraged all matters to be discussed with the company’s accountants.
  • Golf networking – Mr. Thornby reminded everyone of the networking golf project. A scheme had now been set up by the Marlow Group at Harleyford. For more details contact Tony on
  • Carpendale – Katie Colledge Price informed that the one hour free consultation offer was now extended for one month until 19th April.

Future Venues – The Secretary confirmed:

  • April 23rd – Marlow Rowing Club;
  • May 21st – The Ivy;
  • June 18th – Danesfield House Hotel;
  • July 16th – Crowne Plaza Hotel.

There being no further business the President thanked the Marlow Rowing Club for hosting the business meeting which closed at 7pm and was followed by networking.