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“I want education to be everyone’s business, involving parents, teachers, business and the whole community.  Businesses should lead by example.”
John Gridland CBE, Director-General of The Confederation of British Industry

The Issues in Bucks:

  • One in three Bucks employers have stated that 17-18 year olds recruited to first time jobs from school are “poorly” or “very poorly” prepared for work. (Source: UKCES ESS 2013)
  • 50% of young people in Bucks go to university, and of that number 95% do so out of county and do not return until they are late thirties/early forties, if at all. Only 10.5% of Buckinghamshire residents are in their 20s, the second lowest share among the 39 LEP areas across Britain. (Source: MYPE, ONS 2014)

The Solution:

The world of work is changing. Small and medium size businesses account for the majority of employment opportunities in the UK. More people than ever run their own businesses. Industries are transforming and many companies that will become household names in 10 years? time do not yet exist.

Young people need to be resourceful, flexible, resilient, good communicators, problem solvers, decision makers, team players and leaders.

The best way for them to gain these skills is through interactions and experience direct from industry.

Also, by getting to know local business, young people will become more aware of the exciting careers that exist in Bucks.

Why should you get involved in our young people’s education.

It?s an opportunity to:

  • Investigate local potential recruits eg apprenticeships, work experience, part-time jobs
  • Shape employability skills and develop tomorrow?s workforce
  • Pass on enthusiasm for your sector
  • Influence teaching to make it relevant to the local economy
  • Raise the profile of your business to schools and their stakeholders

Through delivering careers talks, skills workshops, business challenges, and work experience.


Register at and invest in tomorrow?s workforce.

Enterprise Advisers:

In order for schools to become more enterprising and employer/business/career focussed, each school is to be assigned an Enterprise Adviser. This ?consultant? role is about advising the school on ideas, activities, ways to engage business to bring commerce into the classroom, to connect learning to the workplace in order to increase young people?s exposure to many different careers and businesses. A volunteer from business, the Enterprise Adviser will not deliver input to young people but will work with the senior leadership/teaching team as an adviser/mentor while drawing on their own network of contacts to help deliver what is required (business contacts also available on

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