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Chamber Response to Bucks CC Proposals for Marlow Street Parking Charges

Posted on October 15th, 2017


DOWNLOADReport for Marlow town centre waiting loading and parking review

We strongly object to the proposals in respect of the introduction of paid on street parking in area codes Y94, Y95, Z94, Z95, and Z96.

The proposals do not holistically consider the long-standing issues of parking capacity in the town, explored at great lengths over many years by the Marlow Chamber of Trade and Commerce, the Marlow Society and Marlow Town Council.
The suggestion that the introduction of on street parking charges will direct visitors away to cheaper tariffs in the off street car parks is fundamentally flawed. The off street car parks are already often at bursting point. The report demonstrates an abject lack of understanding of the picture “on the ground”.

We will expand upon our deep concerns at length during the consultation period. However, to be quite clear, we see no benefit to residents, no benefit to visitors, no benefit to the town, no benefit to businesses operating in the town and no contribution to solve the chronic and long documented parking issues in Marlow.
Businesses in Marlow have already experienced business rate increases of up to 50% in the last year. This is a staggering increase. The Portas report to which the proposal refers was produced seven years is outdated and does not reflect the very real changes to the conditions in which our town centre business have to operate. With a punitive business rate regime, well-documented challenges within high street retail environments and rising overheads your proposals will only serve to damage the town’s economy.

The proposals do not address the parking issues that affect Marlow in a sensible way, with consideration to the many other factors that a forward thinking and sustainable a parking strategy for the town would do. As things stand the proposals appear to be, quite simply, a cynical revenue raising exercise.

We strongly recommend that any consultation brings about a long term sustainable solution for car parking in Marlow that is developed with all stakeholders, rather than the arbitrary and one dimensional approach outlined in this report.

Anthony Cox
Marlow & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce