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Improve your Online Strategy in return for an Adviza voucher

Posted on July 31st, 2017

Tony Thornby is pleased to announce that Living Streams Consultancy UK Ltd (the parent company of WSI Thames) has been accepted as a training provider for Adviza.

dig_mktgAs a goodwill gesture, Bucks businesses which gain an Adviza £150 voucher could spend this to obtain £300 (£250+vat) of digital marketing education from WSI Thames via 1:1 advice and assistance.

What is being offered is training to establish a good digital marketing strategy for start-ups and to improve the performance of their digital marketing strategy for established companies. My experience is that becoming more knowledgeable in these two areas is crucial for most SMEs:

startaproject(1) START-UPS
I can help start-up business owners understand the potential and constraints of the various digital marketing opportunities.  Help them to understand what each would require in terms of time and cost. Then, using this gained knowledge, to put in place a digital marketing strategy / plan and begin to implement the plan efficiently and effectively.

If a business owner feels that their business is not making enough use of digital marketing or that their digital marketing needs to be more effective, I can help them understand how to find out what most needs to be improved and what new actions could be taken. Then, using this knowledge, work with them to produce an action plan to achieve the required improvements.

WSI Thames has expertise in product launch, lead generation, business growth and customer retention and the digital marketing activities that support them (e.g. Google analytics, internet advertising, content marketing, search ranking, website conversion, email marketing, social networking  and marketing automation).

This offer is only available via an Adviza voucher – click here to find out how to obtain your Adviza voucher.  In taking up the offer, there is no obligation to take any further support from Living Streams / WSI Thames.

Please contact me via or ring me on 01494 440019 to discuss your requirements.

Tony Thornby
WSI Thames