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Chamber Promotional Booklet: ‘Market Square’ – a Proposal

Posted on November 29th, 2016

Market-SquareApologies all but we?ve had some digital gremlins this week which have held up getting this not to you. However, finally, as outlined at Monday’s meeting of the Chamber, we have a proposal for a collaborative project – and would like to know if you, as a Chamber member, would be interested in participating.

The idea is for a New Year discount and promotional Chamber-led booklet which contains offers, deals and messages from local businesses, exclusively for Marlow & Marlow Bottom residents. Subject to achieving the timetable below, this would be delivered through letterboxes, ideally on the 2nd and 3rd January, just as people are waking up to their new year’s resolutions.

Obviously the New Year is generally about saving money, organising money, detoxing, taking up exercise, rethinking lifestyle and all sorts of other changes. Which provides excellent circumstances for such a publication from local businesses to be seen very positively. In addition, back at the AGM, there were comments about how the Chamber could bring members together, help promote members to local residents and demonstrate the benefits of the Chamber itself to the wider community. Which we think this will do.


This publication would be ‘Brought to you by the Marlow Chamber of Commerce’, with the President writing the editorial opener and potentially including both a Directory of members and a diary of events. Members can then put in a half page advert/article/advertorial/offer to promote themselves directly to the residents of the Town. That helps, I think, in a few ways:

* The Chamber starts to be seen as an active coordinator and promote of local business

* Members get a very cost effective promotion to residents

* Other business owners in the town see that the Chamber is a very positive organisation to be a part of

* Residents feel they are valued by local businesses – and begin to understand the breadth of services available on their doorstep

Format & costing

The booklet will be an A5 booklet, somewhere between 16 and 30 pages, subject to the level of participation by members.

Pricing would then be on a not for profit basis. Simplified Money would fund/organise the artwork and delivery for the booklet as our contribution. If we are able to secure at least 30-40 member businesses, each taking a half page space, and the booklet were delivered to 8-9,000 Marlow households over two days, that is likely to cost between ?70 and ?80 per business*. (+VAT if/where applicable, but note: the brochure printing part of the cost is VAT exempt).

On that basis, therefore, would you be interested in taking part and including a half page on behalf of/promoting your business?

Timetable requirements

Decision date:

by Wednesday 30th November

Supply of details:

Monday 5th December (if text)

Wednesday 7th December (if final artwork pdf or high resolution jpg)

Approval of insertion:

Monday & Tuesday 12th & 13th December

Delivery of booklets:

circa 22nd/23rd December

Delivery to households:

2nd/3rd January

*Apologies for the vagueness but we cannot say exactly how much until we know who is interested. If it does move from this indicative range, we would always check back with you before proceeding. There is no obligation to take part until all details have been finalised and sent back to you for formal approval (next week). Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Please contact Lesley direct for further information or to participate.

Tel: 01628 861832