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Twitter – The Chamber’s Use of and a Member’s View of

Posted on August 30th, 2016

twitter-birdYou may have seen we have just launched a new Twitter account @chambermarlow.

I have been amazed at the power of Twitter for my shop and with over 3000 followers I thought it I’d share how we got started and how we use it.

To start off I set up my address and just simply followed a few local businesses I was interested in and a few clients too. There is a sort of unwritten etiquette to Twitter that if someone re-tweets your message they will then re-tweet yours. So very quickly I found my photos were going out to sites with many thousand followers and in return they started retweeting mine again. Then I was getting direct messages about my work and I was off.

It really is that easy.

If we all follow each other and retweet what we feel may be appropriate or interesting to our clients we are opening up our network immediately.

As we have grown I now only follow the contacts I feel are interesting. Recently I have been tweeting about Jay Blades (5700 followers) who bought paint from me and was demonstrating on ITV yesterday morning. We are getting a lot of new interest from a high profile contact and the word about our shop is spreading.

But I have also learned to only retweet the ones that are appropriate to my followers. Bespoke Couriers are a great example of the power of Twitter – they have 8000 followers and now get 90% of their national & international courier business from Twitter contacts. Not everyone on their network is appropriate to me though and I have laughed at the fabulously sexy lingerie messages!

Give it a go, it really is an easy platform.

Sara Hughes